Path of the Tekgnostic
Gamers' Introduction to Tek-Gnostics

Tek-Gnostics is pleased to announce an exiting new adjunct apprenticeship format for the aspiring hedonic engineer & tekgnostic shaman. The teachings of Tek-Gnostics are now available to pursue within an electronic side-scrolling game environment. Now affiliates may elect to explore a vast virtual world, including the tekgnostic monastery and surrounding grounds... in search of the secrets of Tek-Gnostics.Scene from Tekgnostic apprenticeship platformer

Pursuing the path of the tekgnostic within an electronic gaming environment is a perfect metaphor for the "Gnostic" world view. Wearing the "mask of the Avatar," you pursue the game within a game... the path of the tekgnostic... within an illusory world that only exists as data, pulsing within an electronic device... Maya indeed.

Game within a Game
As in a traditional Role Playing Game, you assume the role of the tekgnostic Avatar... the seeker of wisdom... that has made his/her way to the gates of the tekgnostic monastery. As in a traditional platform game, you explore our fanciful world of wonders... and dangers... by jumping from platform to platform, advancing from level to level, navigating the many obstacles and pitfalls that make up the realm of the tekgnostic.
Each level holds at it's successful completion one of the eight "inner secrets" that make up the core of the Tek-Gnostics teachings. Each level contains it's own unique series of puzzles, traps and dangers that the intrepid tekgnostic apprentice must overcome in order to proceed to the next level.

You are not alone in your journey, however. Seek out the master of the tekgnostic monastery... Sensei... for advice and assistance in your virtual quest for knowledge. Should Sensei decide to accept you as an apprentice, his advice will be invaluable. As you advance within the game, new and powerful attributes become available to you... attributes that you will need... as each successive level is more difficult and dangerous than the last. Once you download and launch the program from our downloads page, you too can embark on the virtual path of the tekgnostic.

Currently, a demo of our platform software... "Path of the Tekgnostic - a gamers' introduction to Tek-Gnostics" is available for download. This small title will give the intrepid traveler a taste of the vast world that awaits in the full game title. You can download directly from the link provided below. Click on the "download now" link. When prompted, select the "save the application" option.



Download Now

The following PDF files are essential introductory papers pertaining to the workings of Tek-Gnostics. They are also password protected. The passwords can only be accessed within the game. To retrieve the password, you must advance to a certain level in the game. Sensei will then reveal the password as a reward for accomplishing certain tasks during gameplay. In this way, access to these documents become part of the objective of the game.

Initiatory Codex (PDF)
Item # 1 from the "Path of the Tekgnostic" Demo. Initiatory teachings of Tek-Gnostics.

Eight-Fold Path (PDF)
Item # 2 from the
"Path of the Tekgnostic" Demo. A manifesto for "Mindful Consciousness" in the 21st century.

 Eight Circuits (PDF)
Item # 3 from the
"Path of the Tekgnostic" Demo. A  primer on the Eight Brain Model of Consciousness.



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