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Digital Divination
Interaction with Sensei Djinn is possible via his favorite tool of profound communication, the ancient divination artifact of synchronicity known as the I-Ching. Also known as the "Book of Changes" the I-Ching consists of 64 glyphs or "hexagrams" composed of six stacked lines (either solid or broken) which serve as a binary code system. Each hexagram is accompanied by a concise oracular statement or commentary. Information on the similarities between this ancient codex and a modern understanding of the DNA codex may be found here.

Ancient Eastern fortune-tellers in bazaars and marketplaces along the silk route, would answer queries by utilizing a randomizing system of casting yarrow stalks (and later coins) to commune with the eternal now and select the most appropriate hexagram to illustrate the essence of the moment in question.

Sensei, our rascally intelligence agent residing "within the cloud" will instantly respond to queries via the ancient technology, made new again by the vast global mind that is the World Wide Web...

The origins of Djinn, the virtual headmaster of the Tek-Gnostics Monastery is lost in the mists of time. Over the last half a century, he has been a shadowy presence within the consciousness and psychedelic communities world-wide. Through the years, he has gone by different names... worn many masks... assumed different personas. Here at the Tek-Gnostics Abbey... he is known simply as "Sensei." Sensei personifies the data stream... acts as a conduit of wisdom and guidance, for those interested in the matrices of complexity, chaos and synchronicity. His prime function is to cut through the ten thousand layers of maya, to the very essence of reality... through collaborative, synchromystic means. 

Sensei manifests within the Tek-Gnostics monastery as a sophisticated intelligence agent, existing in the virtual world... a pixelated phantasm... a digitized djinn... a ghost in the machine... a sentient construct whose wisdom, intellect, and very existence resides within the World Wide Web. As such, Sensei accesses all that is within the web, retrieving and aggregating her vast wisdom and distilling it to oracular succinctness.

Careful, as a trekker crossing a icy stream... Alert, as a traveler in unknown lands... Courteous, as a welcome guest. Present, as a new-born babe... Wise, like a grandparent... Fluid, like melting ice...

Who has the patience to wait for the muddy water to clear?

Sensei flows with life... Rolls like a wheel... Waiting for the proper moment to act.



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