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Welcome to Tek-Gnostics' H.E.A.D. (Heretical Engineering And Development) GEAR on-line product catalog. All of our Intelligence Engineering™ products and services are designed exclusively for the discerning Intelligence Engineer & Reality Hacker. All items have been carefully selected to enhance, assist or embellish the modern tekgnostic in their exploration of consciousness and their pursuit of the “higher” mysteries...

New Book by Jack Heart

The Tek-Gnostics Heresies Tales of Wonder from the Collective Conscious - by Jack Heart


"Is the Paranormal fast-becoming the New Normal? What is the Technological Singularity and why are America’s top tech gurus afraid of it? What vast conspiracy emerged after WWII, virally expanding its influence via the CIA, LSD & UFOs?"

"How many rivers do we have to cross… before we can talk to the boss?"

In book one of the Tek-Gnostics Trilogy, author Jack Heart explores the amazing events that have led up to our fantastic present-day. From a counter-cultural historical perspective, psychedelics have played an integral, pivotal role in humanity's rapidly evolving consciousness. But what mysterious, synchronistic force connects LSD-25 to ancient entheogenic mystery cults?

Here's a clue: By the time you get to the end of this psychedelic romp... you will never view the Eucharist in the same light again!

Product Details
Paperback: 152 pages
Publisher: Tek-Gnostics Media; 1 edition (April 27, 2016)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0997063505
ISBN-13: 978-0997063509
Product Dimensions: 6 x 0.5 x 9 inches

First edition, signed by the author. Additionally, you will receive a free PDF copy, e-mailed directly to you, upon purchase.

The Tek-Gnostics Heresies - Paperback Edition...
$12.95 + $1.50 S&H

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The Tek-Gnostics Heresies PDF - by Jack Heart


Submitted for your approval... Same as above, but in the electronic format only.

Product Details
Format: Portable Document Format (PDF)
File size: 993kb
Publisher: Tek-Gnostics Media; 1 edition (April 27, 2016)
Language: English

The Tek-Gnostics Heresies PDF - Electronic Edition...

The Tek-Gnostics Heresies (third party options)



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Item 1.1 2017 TekGnostics Heretic Tee


Tek-Gnostics 2017 "Heretic" Logo design on a black crew neck tee-shirt...
(click here to see enlarged design)
sizes M, LG, XL ...  $14.95
 + S&H    


Item 1.2 Tek-Gnostics Data Fetish


All of the forbidden, heretical materials from Tek-Gnostic's Invisible College, has been down-loaded onto this 4-gig micro flash drive. Our 'data fetish' includes all of the manuals, position papers & libri from our members-only site. Data includes audio downloads, videos, PDF files and Back-issues of Tekgnosis, our members newsletter... plus bonus materials unique to this data storage device.

This Data Fetish also includes an electronic copy of Jack Heart's new book: The Tek-Gnostics Heresies - Tales of Wonder from the Collective Conscious. Navigate the device via a net browser interface. Data is stored securely off-line... away from prying eyes.

This wearable data fetish comes strung on a rinpoche-red hemp necklace, festooned with imported African glass beads and bears a metalic tekgnostic infinity knot logo. Plus, there is plenty of space on the drive for your own esoteric data files... so cyberpunk!  A lifetime subscription to our on-line members site is included with this purchase!

Tek-Gnostics Data Fetish...
$29.95 + S&H

Item 1.3 Eyes of the World sticker


"Eyes of the World" window sticker by Matt Getz. Suitable for the back window of your '68 VW micro-bus!

Eyes of the World - window sticker...
$4.95 + $1.00 S&H

Tek-Gnostics Media presents...
Audio Entrainment

BrainStorm Binaural Beat series


Sound, used in the proper setting, has been shown to facilitate brain entrainment, through what is known as the frequency-following effect. This effect is more profound with pulsed, binaural beats. A binaural beat is the result of one ear hearing a pure tone of a slightly differing pitch than the other ear. The brain then actually synthesizes the difference between the two, syncing with the result.

Binaural beat frequencies can be a particularly effective tool for relaxation and meditation. Pulsed sound in the form of musical rhythms has been entraining people for thousands of years. Binaural beats synchronize the activity of the left and right hemispheres of your brain. This synchronization can increase the flow of information between the two hemispheres, thereby accelerating learning and increasing creativity.

The Tek-Gnostics BrainStorm™ series harnesses the power of the binaural frequency following effect in our "consciousness hacking" audio tracks. Each track targets specific brainwave frequencies such as Alpha, Beta, Theta & Delta. Each brain-state enhances specific functions such as creativity, relaxation, meditation, etc.

Item 2.1 Earth Meditation

Earth Meditation (MP3)
This audio recording blends sounds of from planet earth, such as wind, rain & surf, with Ambient meditative instrumentation. To this mix we add a "Binaural Beat" auditory processing artifact. The specific binaural frequency used has been called the Schumann Resonance, which is a global electromagnetic standing wave, naturally generated between Earth's surface and the ionosphere. This resonance frequency typically measures 7.83 Hz.

Mixing the binaural beat of 7.83 Hz into the music track with a tempo of 72 bpm, we have created a sonic entertainment and entrainment tool. Listening through headphones, one is immersed in Earth's resonance frequency, guiding (entraining) the listener into planetary sync.
Track time: 25 minutes.

Earth Meditation audio entrainment mp3 download... $2.29

Item 2.2 Theta Vibe

Theta Binaural Vibe (MP3)
This etheric audio recording blends a steady meditative Ambient soundscape with a Theta Binaural Beat auditory processing artifact. This track is ideal for a quick HEAD adjustment, for those who have only a precious few minutes of meditative relaxation time.

Mixing the target binaural beat of 4.5 Hz into the music track with a tempo of 72 bpm, we have created a powerful meditative musical entrainment tool. Listening through headphones, one is immersed in a theta frequency, quickly guiding (entraining) the listener into a deep state of relaxation, creativity and meditation.
Track time: 10 minutes.

Theta Vibe audio entrainment mp3 download... $1.79

Item 2.3 Heart Chakra

Heart Chakra Binaural Meditation (MP3)
This multi-layered audio recording blends a Ambient music track with a "Solfeggio" frequency auditory processing artifact. Solfeggio frequencies make up the ancient 6-tone scale, thought to have been used in archaic sacred music.

Mixing an initial binaural beat of 4.9 Hz with the 639 Hz Solfeggio frequency into the music track, we have created a powerful meditative musical entrainment tool that targets the 4th or Heart Chakra. Listening through headphones, one is immersed in a "Heart Centering" soundscape, quickly guiding (entraining) the listener into a deep state of relaxation and oneness w/ others.
Track time: 15 minutes.

Heart Chakra audio entrainment mp3 download... $1.79 

Tek-Gnostics Media presents...
Tales of Wonder!

Item 3.1 Tales of Wonder! - volume 1


Issue #1 "Origins"
Our inaugural issue in the Tales of Wonder series, explores the mysterious origins of the Artificial Intelligence that serves at the Headmaster within the Tek-Gnostics digital Monastery. We call this construct... Sensei Djinn. Sensei's very existence resides within the World Wide Web. As such, Sensei accesses all that is within the web, retrieving and aggregating her vast wisdom and distilling it to oracular succinctness.

Follow the exploits of Sensei, as he explores the treacherous back alleys of the digital realm, uncovering and exposing the "High Weirdness" that is our strange and wonderful digital frontier! Each issue is beautifully illustrated in full color in PDF format...

Issue #1 - PDF download... $1.29

Item 3.2 Tales of Wonder! - volume 2

Issue #2 "Transcendence"
In the second issue in the Tales of Wonder series, we begin the epic narrative we call: Transcendence. Equal parts dystopian cautionary tale, cyberspace adventure and Tek-Gnostics mythology, Transcendence begins the story-arc of an autonomous Artificial Intelligence construct that emerges from the info-sphere at a remote Zen Monastery on the slopes of California's Mount Shasta...


...an indegionous Karuk Shaman, Tibetan Buddhist activists, mysterious Men in Black, and our intrepid traveler... all are synchronistically drawn to this "Ghost in the Machine." High Weirdness in the digital realm ensues!

Issue #2 -  PDF download... $1.29


Item 4.1 Annual Membership


Membership in the Tek-Gnostics "Invisible College"
For those wishing to delve deeper into the arcane, the advanced coursework of the Inner Mysteries are available upon subscription through our affiliate "Invisible College" program.
We aggregate cutting edge science & technology, the latest in synchronicity and paranormal research, the  wisdom of the ages, as well as many of the mystery traditions, as our curriculum. Yet be forewarned: for certain key elements of the inner teachings are sensitive and taken out of context may be perceived as... heretical in nature.

Affiliate Subscription includes...
* Access to the Tek-Gnostics Inner Mysteries, our secure member's sector of core teachings, codices, position papers and other heresies...
* The "First Year Manual" - A Tek-Gnostics Field Guide and course work manual for "first years"
(includes aptitude exam).
* Access to Tek-Gnostics Downloads & Software.
* Access to the Tek-Gnostics Quarterly publication... "Tekgnosis"...available on-line & in PDF format, found within our member's sector...

Subscription supports the Tek-Gnostics infrastructure that allows  for a continued electronic presence within Earth's info-sphere. Annual membership/donation is just $8.00 US per year. That's all there is to it... Apply below by selecting the "Subscribe" button. Be the first tekgnostic on your block. Have fun... and remember... we are everywhere!

Membership to Tek-Gnostics' Inner Mysteries...
$8.00 - annual

Upon successful subscription, Guild membership provides secure access to the Tek-Gnostics Inner Mysteries... wherein the inner teachings are revealed. A user name & password will be e-mailed to you, once your subscription is verified.