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About Tek-Gnostics...

The Tek-Gnostics Network is a conceptual chameleon. It is at once a mythology, a revival of the ancient mysteries, a science fiction, a philosophic system and an aggregated esoteric information hub. Tek-Gnostics is an aggregator of Old Earth's cumulative overt, esoteric, & synchronistic knowledge streams. We serve as an outpost on the frontier of Earth's info-sphere... a temporary autonomous zone at the edge of that vast artifact we call cyberspace. Our network's databases and archives arise from the premise that the best way to understand universe and our place in it, is through direct experience of knowledge or Gnosis.

We investigate and commentate on the emerging zeitgeist of high weirdness that is our Brave Noö World. We reach to describe our evolving Universe in the language of modern myth. Here we gather… faces aglow… around the digital campfire… anticipating the ancient tales to be told, once again…

Do you have a project proposal that is appropriate for the fortean genre of high strangeness? Please direct all inquiries into Tek-Gnostics Media's publishing services to the contact link below... 

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Ashland, Oregon, USA, Earth, third rock from the Sun.

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About Jack Heart...

Jack Heart is the the proprietor and publisher at Tek-Gnostics Media and creator & curator of tekgnostics.com. Jack is author of the Tek-Gnostics Trilogy... a three volume series that chronicles the High Weirdness that is our Brave Noö Future. The trilogy takes a deep dive into the psychedelic nature of Tek-Gnostics, illuminating the system's balance of Artifact & Epiphany.

Raised in the Pacific Northwest, educated on the West Coast, witness to the decline of extractive industries, advocate of environmentally sound transition to a new paradigm… Jack Heart lives with his family at the crossroads of the Siskiyou & Cascade Mountains, in the mythical State of Jefferson. 

Jack can most often be found exploring the environs of the Klamath Knot, on the trail of Bigfoot, investigating the anomalies of Mount Shasta & the Oregon Vortex, or relaxing at Stewart Mineral Springs. Jack can be reached at the links provided below...

Interviews & Podcast Appearances

Jack Heart has participated in the following Podcasts, with such notable figures as the great Recluse (aka: Steven Snyder) of the parapolitical weblog: VISUP, on his Podcast: The Farm... and the Gnostic scholar Miguel Connors of AeonByte Gnostic Radio. We have embedded these appearances below, for your listening pleasure...


Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio appearance



The Farm Podcast appearances






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