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tekgnostics dot com... exploring the Mysteries

Welcome, traveler of the digital realm...
Rejoice, for you have safely reached our network's vestibule of sanctuary.

Tek-Gnostics is made manifest within Earth's World Wide Web...
in the form of a virtual vihāra or Monastery.
Within these protected walls you will find much of what you have been seeking...

Tales of Wonder... Pearls of wisdom... Tools of understanding.

The Tek-Gnostics network serves by being an aggregator of Old Earth's collective knowledge... for each of you... the collective conscious. The many databases and hyper-linked information streams that are housed within our virtual walls, function as a repository of illuminated manuscripts of the digital age... an annotated portal to the Mysteries. We strive to provide each of you, who have serendipitously  found your way to our network core, with the requisite tools (tek) needed to facilitate the direct experience (gnosis) of the unbroken thread of human knowledge and wisdom.

To that end, we delve into the strange netherworld of the fringe, witnessing the high weirdness of contemporary earthling cultures as they transform our Brave No World. We take great care in gathering extensive esoteric systems & artifacts throughout space & time... both terrestrial & extra-terrestrial... to assist you in your quest for inner substance, for that elusive artifact of heart and reason.

As you proceed to explore the system that is Tek-Gnostics, know that the path forks into two distinct disciplines... the path of the Tek-Gnostic and the path of the Tek-Gnostic. One path seeks to utilize the available technologies of consciousness hacking via our Intelligence Engineering Department (iE) while the other seeks to illuminate the insights of Gnosis through our Department of Mysteries. The first seeks to experience universal manifestation, while the other seeks to realize universal mystery. The one, application... the other, essence. Choose wisely... for it is the act of choosing that determines the form that the teachings will take.

The journey toward a deeper understanding of what it means to be fully human begins anew daily… right here and right now. It is no coincidence that you chose this exact moment to utilize the Tek-Gnostics systems to assist you on your journey. This seeming happenstance is a function of synchronicity. This moment, like all things in our dualistic universe, is necessarily perfect. So… with this most auspicious moment as a catalyst… let the journey begin...

Intelligence Engineering

Choose Wisely...
Department of Mysteries

Domain of knowledge
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Editor's Recommendations - July, 2018

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A friend of the Devil is a friend of mine...

Octave Consciousness Grid
Guide to the 8 brain model of consciousness. Contemporary chakra technology…

Terence McKenna-Land
Appropriated excerpts from: E=mc=Th xrl Hrdms...

...from the Weblog

Max Headroom as Sci Fi Prophecy
20 Minutes into the Future...

The Zebra Entity
What if a high form of sentient mimicry exited such a high form that few humans had ever detected it?

12:12:12 - Cloudships over Shasta
Archival Post from December, 2012...

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The Invisible College
Premium Membership
& Guild Portal

Many who have chosen to pursue the "great work" do so alone. For those rugged individualists, the path can be long, arduous and at times treacherous. Others choose to follow a guru and trust that the master's teachings will bring about the desired understanding. Some of us however, choose to travel the path in the company of like-minded individuals... in an association of equals... a community built upon mutual respect.

The concept of shared adventure, shared knowledge... is the foundational premise of the Invisible College ...our Member's Guild.

Membership in the Guild helps support a community of adventurers, philosophers, magicians, tricksters, mad men & mad women. We seek to partake in that which is greater than the sum-total of it's parts. Together, we seek answers to the only question worth asking.

Fear not, for we shall surely find that which we seek... although we will be challenged and tried along the way.  We will find the gates to Chapel Perilous ...each in our own way. Together, we will dance upon the razor's edge. To seek admission to the Tek-Gnostics' Invisible College ...follow the link provided below.


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