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The Tek-Gnostics Heresies
Tales of Wonder from the Collective Conscious - from Author Jack Heart


About the Tek-Gnostics Heresies...

Is the Paranormal fast-becoming the New Normal? What is the Technological Singularity and why are America’s top tech gurus afraid of it? What vast conspiracy emerged after WWII, virally expanding its influence via the CIA, LSD & UFOs?

How many rivers do we have to cross… before we can talk to the boss?

In book one of the Tek-Gnostics Trilogy, author Jack Heart explores the amazing events that have led up to our fantastic present-day. From a counter-cultural historical perspective, psychedelics have played an integral, pivotal role in humanity's rapidly evolving consciousness. But what mysterious, synchronistic force connects LSD-25 to ancient entheogenic mystery cults?

Here's a clue: By the time you get to the end of this psychedelic romp... you will never view the Eucharist in the same light again!

This product is available through Amazon... but if you purchase this first edition through our H.E.A.D. Gear catalog, your copy will be personalized and signed by the author. Additionally, you will receive a free PDF copy, e-mailed directly to you, upon purchase.

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About Jack Heart...

Raised in the Pacific Northwest, educated on the West Coast, witness to the decline of extractive industries, advocate of environmentally sound transition to a new paradigm… Jack Heart lives with his family at the crossroads of the Siskiyou & Cascade Mountains, in the mythical State of Jefferson. 

Jack is the proprietor and publisher at Tek-Gnostics Media and creator & curator of tekgnostics.com. Jack is author of The Tek-Gnostics Heresies Tales of Wonder from the Collective Conscious...a chronicle of the High Weirdness that is our Brave Noö Future. The Heresies takes a deep dive into the psychedelic nature of Tek-Gnostics, illuminating the system's balance of Artifact & Epiphany.

Jack can most often be found exploring the environs of the Klamath Knot, on the trail of Bigfoot, investigating the anomalies of Mount Shasta & the Oregon Vortex, or relaxing at Stewart Mineral Springs. Jack can be reached at the links provided below...

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