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In his pioneering 1967 dissertation: “Programming and Metaprogramming in the Human Biocomputer, Dr. John C Lilly postulated that humans are essentially a biological computer,  born with specific bio-firmware programming such as eating, sleeping, and feeling pain… embedded in their genetic code. Our ability to take in new information and to develop ideas beyond these innate programs depends on our capacity for "meta-programming," or learning to learn.

By altering the brain's normal operations via the application of various “Consciousness Hacking” techniques, the range of human thought, the power and ability of the human mind can be increased beyond any previous expectations…

Consciousness (noun)
1 - the state of being aware of and responsive to one's surroundings.
2 - a person's awareness or perception of something, ie: the fact of awareness by the mind of itself and the world. 

-         Oxford Dictionaries 

Perhaps no aspect of mind is more familiar or more puzzling than consciousness and our conscious experience of self and world. The problem of consciousness is arguably the central issue in current theorizing about the mind. Despite the lack of any agreed upon theory of consciousness, there is a widespread, if less than universal, consensus that an adequate account of mind requires a clear understanding of it and its place in nature. We needConsciousness Hacker to understand both what consciousness is and how it relates to other, non-conscious, aspects of reality. 

-Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

 Hacker (noun)
1 - a person who uses computers to gain unauthorized access to data.
2 - an enthusiastic and skillful computer programmer or user.

 - Oxford Dictionaries

Originally, a hacker was anybody who tinkered with any kind of system, mechanical or electrical, in order to better understand how it worked. Today hackers are persons who create or modify computer software, typically with the goal of using software in a manner not intended by the original computer programmer. 

- Wikipedia

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Consciousness Hacking is a series of techniques (yogas) and an array of technologies (tantras) designed to promote mindfulness, develop clarity and invigorate internal energy or life force (chi or prana). These techniques entrain the mind and body to be familiar with specific, beneficial brain-state modes such as concentration, compassion, correct understanding, patience, humility, perseverance, etc. Consciousness Hacking's most ambitious form seeks to effortlessly sustain single-pointed and enthused concentration. Rather than to seek oblivion, or to "turn off" the world, Consciousness Hacking allows its practitioner (intelligence engineer, in tekgnostics parlance) to enjoy a sustainable sense of well-being, while being fully engaged in day-to-day activities.

Consciousness Hacking can be considered a spiritual technology. The word spirit (from Latin spiritus "breath") is often used metaphysically to refer to human consciousness or personality. Consciousness Hacking has been intertwined with humanity's planetary rise to prominence, for the last 10,000 years, perhaps more. The oldest form of consciousness hacking is known as: meditation. The history of meditation can be traced back at least 5,000 years, to when the effects of staring into flickering flames of fire was first discovered by ancient humans. This discovery became a form of practice as early man sought to repeat the experience.

Emerging from this "first practice" ...several meditation techniques were developed and began to spread throughout Earth's early civilizations. It can be argued that these early practices were the foundation of spirituality, as well as it's "evil twin" ...religion. Tek-Gnostics views religion as a political institution, thereby making it suspect.  In keeping with Tek-Gnostics core tenet that the essence of being human resides within the relationship between spirit and universe, Consciousness Hacking is driven by individual need, desire and intent. In this regard, Consciousness Hacking is a spiritual, consciousness enhancing conceptual tool or artifact.

Interestingly, modern science has revisited the brain entraining properties of the flickering flames of that primordial fire. Light and sound, used in the proper setting, have been shown to facilitate brain entrainment, through what is known as the frequency-following effect. This effect is more profound with pulsed, binaural beats. A binaural beat is the result of one ear hearing a pure tone of a slightly differing pitch than the other ear. The brain then actually synthesizes the difference between the two, syncing with the result.

Tek-Gnostics pursues Consciousness Hacking with a Cyberpunk, DIY ethos. Brain entrainment technologies need to be the purview of the individual, rather than in the hands of manipulative institutions. In this modern world of mass media manipulation, personal autonomy of thought has never been more imperative. It is therefore in the spirit of individual Gnosis (knowledge) that we present the following...



Item: Declaration of Memetic-Autonomy

When in the course of human events  it becomes necessary for the individual to dissolve the tyrannical bands of coercive persuasion imposed by an antiquated dominator culture and to assume among the powers of universe the authority to which sentience entitles... a decent respect to the collective conscious of humankind requires that the individual declare their right to memetic-autonomy.

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all terrans are created equal... that they are endowed by universe with certain unalienable rights... that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

On behalf of the future, we declare the content of our mind and the capacity of our heart to be naturally independent of imposed media. We proceed with no greater authority than that with which liberty herself always issues. We recognize no higher allegiance than the natural communion between self and universe."

- inspired by the writings of Thomas Jefferson, Terence McKenna
& John Perry Barlow



Item: Hacking Consciousness
ithin the many matrices of information and systems of perception  presented on this website, the exploration of consciousness continues to be our prime pursuit. We maintain that by better understanding our multiple perceptive (reality) filters… ie: consciousness… we can better understand universe and our relationship to it. The ability for an individual to have a working knowledge of… and to possess the capability to modify or augment his or her own consciousness is central to self-autonomy. This premise is the "cornerstone" and motivation for the operative aspect of Tek-Gnostics... what we call: Intelligence Engineering (iE ).

As outlined by Dr. John C Lilly, referenced above, iE: pursues trainings (yogas) and teachings (tantras) that facilitate meta-programming of an individual's bio-computer. With practice, the exercises presented here, along with our advanced tantras, allow development and access to meta-consciousness.

Historically, access to this knowledge has been monopolized by a variety of hierarchal institutions that, for the most part, do not have the individual terrans best interest at heart. Too often, political aspirations for power and control... of the many, by the few... have corrupted the original integrity of such systems of evolution. These institutions, the most overt examples being churches and universities, have become systems of control rather than vehicles of learning. Accordingly, it has thus become necessary to access this information in unorthodox ways. We title these methods of acquisition… Consciousness Hacking.

Fringes of Perception
Current neuroscience suggests that our nerve-net continues to expand via the growth of a specific classification of neuron, called a relay interneuron. Unlike a local interneuron, a relay interneuron develops incredibly long axons that connect circuits of neurons from one region of the brain with those in other regions. The interaction between interneurons allow the brain to perform complex functions such as learning and problem solving. The continued growth of relay interneurons represent our ability to evolve and expand increased mental capacity.

The human body is an adaptive organism of evolution and filtration. The air we breath, the food and water we consume, are taken in and processed by our bodily filtration systems. The function of any filter is to screen out undesirable, impure or un-needed elements. This same process may result in a more refined or pure product, once it has passed through the filtration system. Pertinent to the topic at hand, the perceptions we take in via our many perceptive faculties, are constantly being filtered or refined via our Reality Filters...

As a mechanism of human evolution, the ability to limit or filter out nonessential perceived information allows us to focus on vital signals, pertinent to species survival. Taking in only a limited segment of environmental signals prevents our nervous system from being overwhelmed by data.

In terms of receiving information from our environment, we are visually limited to a very thin segment of the electromagnetic spectrum. The smallest wavelength we can visually discern is violet at 380 nanometers, while the longest wavelength... red... measures 750 nanometers. Ultra-violet on the short side, and infra-red on the long, are normally outside our perceptive abilities. Our other perceptive organs receive similar limited signals.

Perception beyond the normal limits of our species-wide awareness filters challenge the normal limits of our reasoning framework. This framework has traditionally been referred to as consensual reality. Unfortunately, the nature of consensual reality is driven by the lowest common denominator. This is evidenced by the sometimes shameful mass human behavior known as  "herd" or "mob" mentality. This concept of  "group mind" was first put forward by 19th-century French social psychologists Gabriel Tarde and Gustave Le Bon.

This bio-conceptual artifact (consensual reality) is humanity's shared structure of consciousness  and coordination. This species-wide framework has allowed for the rise of human civilization and culture. It allows for navigation and cooperation, both physically and mentally, within our 3-dimentional framework of space-time.

Consensual reality has been considered a survival mechanism for the human species. Human exploration beyond the fringe of shared perception has been instrumental in accessing new information, thereby expanding and evolving consensual reality. This exploration and it's utilization has been termed creativity... thinking "outside the box."

The driving engine or mechanism of creativity is known as... imagination. Imagination is, quite literally, a machine of manifestation. Put another way, imagination is the primal force and the vital reality creative power source of human existence. Before you can create it, you first must imagine it.

Think for Yourself
Creativity can be a "two-edged sword" in the sense that it may disrupt the current consensual reality grid as new information is gleaned and presented for inclusion within said grid. New information is typically presented by the intrepid individual, to the collective. If the information is validated by the collective, it is typically labeled as innovation or (more broadly) ...change. Change can be perceived either negatively or positively, depending upon one's perspective. Perspective is defined as the state of one's ideas or the faculty of seeing all the relevant data in a meaningful, interrelated and holistic way.

Regardless of how change is viewed... it is clear that change is a universal certainty.

One powerful filter of perspective has been termed critical thinking. This tool allows us to separate noise from information... filter out the superfluous from the essential. In this way, we can sift through the barrage of raw data to identify the relevant information within the data-stream... select the best working model of reality. Correct and repeated usage of the critical thinking filter produces a phenomena, first described by Dr. Timothy Leary, as Intelligence Increase ( I² ).

Intelligence increase, applied collectively and with the utilization of our artifacts, both physical and conceptual, becomes Intelligence Amplification.

Item: Intelligence Amplification

Artifacts of Perception
Human Earthlings appear to have a particular talent as tool builders. It turns out that having a big brain, incessant curiosity and opposable thumbs... is a most effective combination of attributes. The artifacts created by domesticated primates are as much a part of  contemporary Earth history (read: last 10,000 years) as humans are. Our artifacts become an extension of who we are. Oft-times, in examining the consequences of human ingenuity, we realize and must contend with unintended consequences.

In anticipating one such consequence, that thought provoking and concerning event that has been popularly labeled: Technological Singularity, we are faced with an intriguing dilemma. Simply stated, and as examined elsewhere at Tek-Gnostics, singularity is the moment when machine intelligence surpasses human intelligence.

Computer networks and human-computer interfaces (one of humanity's more recent artifacts) may be instrumental in what has been titled Intelligence Amplification (IA). In fact, IA is a likely singularity scenario, given our intimate relationship with our technologies. IA is something that is proceeding very naturally, as we create and interface with increasingly sophisticated computer systems. Every time our ability to access information and to communicate it to other humans is improved, we have achieved an increase over natural intelligence. This concept is clearly evident in the development of social intelligence network sites, such as Wikipedia.

The big question is this: Do increasingly sophisticated algorithms equate with intelligence? ...with sentience? If the answer is yes, humanity must recognize that in network and interface application, there is something as profound (and potentially sentient) as Intelligence Amplified Artificial Intelligence. New developments in artificial intelligence (AI) will undoubtedly have applications in IA, and vice versa. With that insight, we may see the internet, a mundane interface and networking tool, serve to advance us toward the singularity along the networked IA path. The marvelous opportunity presented by the world wide web is that it is participatory. As the cost comes down and access to a greater portion of humanity increases, it also becomes more proletariat.

Applied IA
Viewing the worldwide Internet as a combination human/machine tool may manifest the Singularity before anything else. The power and influence of even the present-day Internet is vastly underestimated. The very anarchy of today’s worldwide net development is evidence of its potential. As connectivity and bandwidth and archive size and computer speed all increase, we are experiencing the transformation of our very biosphere into a vast data processor, with a million times greater speed and with millions of human intelligent agents (ourselves) in direct participation.

These developments appear to be evolutionary in nature. The internet is arguably one of humanity's most ingenious and ambitious creations to date. Being nothing less than a vast working model of global consciousness, each human with the means to connect to the web becomes, in a sense, a single, autonomous neuron in the mind of our biosphere, or as she has been more eloquently titled, Gaia. Given the incredible potential each individual earthling brings to this system, the creative possibilities for our global consciousness are seemingly infinite. As this global nerve-net becomes more complex and sophisticated... singularity approaches.

It is the intent of Tek-Gnostics Department of Intelligence Engineering to explore and facilitate the concept of consciousness hacking in symmetry with intelligence amplification. In this most opportune moment in humanity's history, each of us must apply IA to the best of our ability, toward a common goal. We define this goal as creating a balanced, sustainable co-existence of humanity and Earth... a networked, primate-planetary-partnership of global consciousness. In the pursuit of our explorations, we will employ the existent networking artifacts at our disposal to advance our knowledge (gnosis) and communicate that information... for it is in the utilization and interaction  of earth's global electronic medium that the Intelligence Engineer's unique opportunity for gnosis presents itself.

Welcome to the new paradigm...



Intelligence Amplification Exercises

Our first technique is designed to focus one's intention on the here and now. Thinking about the past or the future is in essence time travel. Although this ability is what separates the domesticated primate from most other species on Spaceship Earth, it is not always the appropriate use of one's energies. We consider the following mind focusing exercise to act as a consciousness cleanser. It allows one to work more efficiently with one's existing faculties while taking in a little more of the available electromagnetic spectrum.

Mindfulness 100 level
The Tek-Gnostics mindfulness exercise begins with simply sitting down, relaxing and breathing. Close your eyes and pay attention to your breathing, following the breath in and out. "Do not attempt to adjust your dial" on your breath, simply place your awareness within it. Your body's natural breathing rhythm is necessarily perfect. After a short time, move your attention to your body, one part at a time, noticing any sensations of cold... hot... tight... sore or anything you can identify. After a few minutes of attention on your body, start listening to the sounds of the space you occupy, without judging or criticizing or even thinking about them.

Just listen...

Slowly open your eyes and look around... as if seeing your world for the first time. Stop and rest your eyes on an object for half a minute. Examine it without saying things about it in your mind. If you so desire, you may repeat this with other objects while maintaining an awareness of your body, and your breathing. This simple centering exercise allows you to realize a state of consciousness that is conducive to accessing deeper, meditative states.


This simple technique is designed to focus one's attention on our “collective consciousness” via utilization of the “eleven minutes after eleven” phenomena. Awareness of this event entails the increased observation of a flashing 11:11 on a digital clock or other such digital device. Recognizing the 11:11 signal to be a manifestation of synchronicity (meaningful coincidence)... elevates it beyond mere coincidence. Through the conscious intention of attributing significance to the appearance of 11:11 in one’s environment, we allow it to become a “cosmic trigger” mechanism.

Synchronicity 101 level
The Tek-Gnostics synchronicity exercise is opportunistic. It begins by noticing the eleven-eleven cosmic trigger as it presents itself in your environment. It may be that you look up and notice that your DVD or Blu-ray is flashing 11:11. It may be that you glance at your cell phone and its clock reads 11:11, etc. The point is that you recognize the emerging pattern of reoccurrence (pattern recognition) and make the mental connection that this is a synchronistic occurrence. Awareness of the 11:11 signal is a world-wide phenomenon that continues to gain momentum. As more people associate 11:11 with synchronicity, we approach a “critical mass” in collective consciousness.

Once you consciously make the association between 11:11 and synchronicity, your awareness of this phenomenon will increase dramatically. As you begin to see the flashing 11:11 signal more frequently, it will become a synchronistic reminder that there is a tangible connection between you and the phenomenal universe. This self-programmed affirmation goes beyond opening your awareness to the possibility of synchronicity. It facilitates the integration of synchronicity into your understanding of universe and subsequently your world view.

In this regard, the 11:11 signal can be viewed as a wink & a nod from universe. This cosmic trigger serves to remind us of the mystery and wonder...  that there is magic in the world around us... should we have but the eyes to see it.


The following technique originally appeared in the wonderous manual of "HEADonic Engineering" The Illuminati Papers by Robert Anton Wilson. We appropriated and adapted this powerful Tanara, to meet our needs. The science of Neurologic is easy. It is easy to reprogram the nervous system. You can be anything you want to be, this time around...

Reprogramming 102 level
Follow the link provided below. You will be directed to a dedicated page for this exercise...

Eight Circuit Reprogramming Technique