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The Law of Eights
A Field Guide to the Noö Eight-Fold Path at Tek-Gnostics

We live in a strange world... getting stranger by the nanosecond. Sever environmental stress caused by over-harvesting of natural resources... increasing indications of approaching worldwide climate change… global economic collapse on a scale never before dreamed imaginable... overt and covert military-terrorist actions, sanctioned by the very governmental agencies that were created to keep the peace... the list goes on and on. With the abundant wealth our planet has to offer, continually compromised by human mismanagement …it's a wonder that we're still here at all.

With that said, the proverbial “seed of opportunity” resides deep within current dangers. 

Life in the information age requires the modern earthling to make increasingly complex decisions with an increased sense of urgency. Given the immediacy in which we must respond… the potential for miscalculation increases exponentially. The consequence of this quickening necessitates the need for strategic adaptation on the part of each of us. Given this immediacy, the following questions arise: Can the individual intelligence engineer live a life of integrity and make a difference in his/her world? Is there a code of conduct or course of right action that will aid him/her along their path? 

Contemporary tekgnostic adepts do not for one minute claim superior gray matter… or claim to have a better fix on the dilemma surrounding the current human condition. However, we think ways exist to improve upon our situation. Utilizing the Tek-Gnostics  three-fold mind-set of awakened action (or doing): acceptance, enjoyment and enthusiasm (appropriated in part from the work of E. Tolle), we can effectively alter the vibrational frequency of our consciousness. As we shall see, this consciousness hacking conceptual artifact: a combination of mindfulness, humor, acceptance of the moment, and creativity... will prove to be a powerful cornerstone in our endeavor. 

The first step in our journey toward a heart-centered neural autonomy is an issuance of the following Tek-Gnostic eight-fold path. This manifesto serves as a streamlined "rules of the road" for the modern intelligence engineer.  It is a deceptively simple doctrine that attempts to help illuminate the above questions. In imitation of the noble eight-fold path of Buddhism and the octogonal trigrams of the Taoist bagua, we find a certain elegance in presenting our manifesto in the form of the ancient and familiar law of eights...

~ The Eight-Fold Path ~


1.) Wake up!

Think for yourself! The single most important factor in decision making is to be cognizant. Being mentally agile will allow that light bulb that appears over your head to blink on more often. Be smart... Incorporate the concept of Intelligence-Increase (I²) into your daily life. How can you drive down the highway of right action if you're asleep at the wheel?  

2.) Turn on your Lovelight!

Of equal importance as item #1. In everything we think, say or do, we must come from the heart. Advancements in Neurocardiology confirm the existence of neurons in the heart, as well as a networked interface with the brain. Temper your thoughts with feeling so as to balance your perceptions. As part of your nervous system, your heart is the mechanism by which you apply intuitive discernment. Trust your heart to guide you through life's ambiguities. When making decisions, do you listen to that calm, quiet voice within?

 3.) Leave it on!

Consistency in heart-felt action is key. Once you get there, the idea is to stay there as much as possible. Once you feel the groove, use your head and stay with it! Remember, the heart isn't wishy washy... And it is always right! A balance of head and heart will allow you to be in the "eternal now" more frequently. How often during the day are you in the eternal now?

 4.) Do unto others.

The Buddha claimed that compassion is the highest form of human emotion. Compassion here is defined as a marriage of concepts #1 & #2… using your intellect and feeling with your heart to formulate a "Right Thinking" and "Right Action". Think for yourself in order to discern all the options, and trust your heart in order to make compassionate choices. The golden rule applies here... Do unto others as you would have them do unto you... When interacting with others, do you see a separate being, or a mirror?

 5.) Nothing is so sacred that it cannot be made fun of.

A well developed sense of humor is indicative of a well developed intellect. Have fun with this. If you are having fun in your endeavors, then chances are you are learning. If you quit having fun, you quit learning. If you quit learning, then you will be left with only boredom. Every school child knows how intolerable boredom is. Are we having fun yet?

 6.) The circumstances are necessarily perfect.

All is chaos under Heaven and the situation is excellent (Chairman Mao)!!! Be mindful of the situation. Events in life arise. In life, there are some variables that are within our power to control, and others that are not. The myriad of variables associated with specific events are not always easily discernable.  Be open to the possibility that events, whether good or ill, may come about in some measure independent of your trajectory. Often, when confronted with a situation, how we perceive and react to the situation will dramatically alter the outcome. Is the cup half full?

 7.) Dare to be naïve!

This famous quote from R. Buckminster Fuller is apropos. Our outlook toward life and the inevitable emergent situations we confront is the determining factor in how we proceed. Cynicism can be a cruel master. If we fall into the bad mental habits of gloom, doom & disdain, we will surely bring those attitudes about. Beware negative vibrations! Be like two fried eggs and keep your sunny side up! Is it disquieting to be perceived as naïve?

 8.) We're all Bozos on this Bus.

We're all in this together. There is no "them", it's only us. No one is really any cooler or smarter or holier than any one else. The best and easiest way for us all to make it (wherever that is) is to help each other. Lend a hand. If you see someone struggling with partial awareness, help them if you can. Wit and humor are our ammunition in this enterprise. A good delivery is our weapon. Can you launch a humor bomb without hurting anybody's feelings?

If, in the course of our travels, we keep the eight concepts in mind, they may help to illuminate the otherwise dimly lit path that traverses our experience of the human condition…


In case you didn't notice, the preceding eight-fold path is also a pop quiz. It serves the double-duty of being a pre-entrance exam for those among you who wish to pursue the "inner mysteries" of Tek-Gnostics.

Each individual item poses at least one question. The way in which we answer each question points to how we will conduct our journey along the Tek-Gnostic path. It is also indicative how our travels will fare. We need to contemplate our strategies and carry them out with "panache." Style and grace will be our fun-d'-mental mode of operation. Compassion and humility will be our roadmap. The above manifesto is just a beginning. The ideas that are presented here are simple ones. So simple as to be overlooked most of the time (refer to #'s 1, 2 & 3). But being mindful is the essential point... is it not?

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