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"There is an ancient Earthling myth in which the sustaining force of Universe... God as it is oftentimes referred to
in the West... manifests all that is within Universe while dreaming.
As God dreams... the dream transforms into our cosmos, projecting countless billions of tiny holographic specks of itself to materialize the physical realm.
God assumes the roles of galaxies, stars, planets… the myriad creatures of Universe and thus becomes completely immersed in strange and wonderful adventures,
some of which are terrible and frightening.

Since God is all there is within & without Universe and since there is no “other” in which to play with, God plays a cosmic game of “hide & seek” with itself.
Hence these adventures we call life, take the form of a great game or play within God’s dream.

In the heat of game-play within our cosmic RPG, God temporarily forgets its true nature of oneness. This forgetfulness seems to span the entire cycle of Universe.
Eventually, God awakens from the many dreams and fantasies and remembers its true identity, the one and eternal Self of the cosmos who is never born and never dies.
At this moment, all that is… returns to the source. Thus Universe goes round…
now advancing… now receding… for eternity."

- the Tek-Gnostics Heresies



Welcome, intrepid seeker of the arcane & esoteric... having safely navigated the perils of the cyber-realm, you may at long last find respite within the Tek-GNOSTICS "Department of Mysteries." Here the art of Mind Magick is explored to it's fullest. Herein we pursue a school of thought based upon Gnosis... the knowledge of transcendence arrived at by way of inner, intuitive means. From this sanctuary of learning,  we embark upon the autonomous path of  insight, inspiration and knowledge.


The Outer Mysteries

  Mind Magick
Magick is an art. With that said, we are all greater artists than we realize...
The Cosmic Joke
Keep your sense of humor, my friends... if you don't have a sense of humor, it's just not funny anymore...
High Strangeness
A weird & wondrous journey to the heart of our Brave No World...
Chapel Perilous
Once you cross this threshold, there is no going back. This portal leads to a world of myth, magick & synchronicity.
Law of Eights
Applied Gnostic manual. Eightfold  manifesto for all "Techno Shamans"...
Tek-Gnostics Temple
Celebrating Earth's five great traditions...
Eight Chakra Teachings
Applied Gnostic manual. Introduction to the 8 energy centers of the human body…
  Book of Mysteries
Ancient  text found among the Dead Sea Scrolls from the mysterious Essene cult...

Beyond Theology
The Science of Godmanship - Annotated Edition by Robert Anton Wilson...




Strange Magick

Tekgnosticism relies upon intellectual and spiritual experience... a balance of the heart and mind. It pertains to a specific illuminative understanding that expresses itself best through the medium of myth. The truths embodied in these myths are of a more personal nature than the dogmas of theology or the statements of philosophy. In this way, the myth acts as a parable or metaphor, illustrating through the actions of the myth, complex insights.

The tekgnostic, or one who travels the tekgnostic path, can be described as a practitioner of "Amateur Mysticism" as defined from the French: amateur or lover of ...Mysticism. In their pursuit, the amateur's strength lies in enthusiasm, inspiration and true original thinking. This brings creativity, spontaneity, a fresh perspective and a real passion to the tekgnostic path.

Brave No Paradigm
This old world is changing fast. As the 20th century wound down, traditional religious institutions gave way to the  New Age Movement. The New Age can best be understood as "a counter-cultural Zeitgeist." In the 21st century, from within this broader new age culture, there emerges what has been called the Ascension Movement. The ascension movement pursues an organic rise in consciousness and vibration, wherein humanity enjoys a renaissance of spirit, in alliance with the rise of the Great Mother… the Gaian energies that are poised to supplant the failing, patriarchal paradigm.

Regardless of ideology, many among us embrace a vision of a peaceful transition into a Brave No World, wherein humanity coexists in harmony with all flora and fauna aboard spaceship Gaia. Accordingly, as seekers of the No Mysteries, Tek-Gnostics chooses to be part of a conducive, tolerant, compassionate paradigm… one of creativity and inclusiveness. As the intuitive, covert component of the Tek-Gnostics system, we dream into existence our future. It need not be one dominated by ideological fear. As the great American social critic, Morris Berman said: "An idea is something you have; an ideology is something that has you."

Even with the imminent triumph of Gaian energies and the new paradigm, dark fears fester in the hearts of some...

The great mythologies of the past tend to repeat themselves over the eons. They re-calibrate... modernize... to fit current cultural understanding. Thus the ancient Gods give way to newer myths such as monotheism or science or even alien intelligences, as humanity's view of universe evolves. Certain contemporary mythologies seem to have devolved into a dogmatic, simplistic eschatological rendering of end-times prophecy. Specifically, the Abrahamic Desert Religions were (and are) obsessed with imagery of Armageddon... righteous battles, catastrophe and final judgment. Their more mystical (and suppressed) factions, such as the Sufis and especially the Gnostics, foretold of an Apocalypse (from the Greek: apoklypsis) which literally
translates as "a lifting of the veil" or revelation... a steady increase in light... a change in focus from folly to wisdom.

So it is with Tek-Gnostics mythology. We seek to explore our world in pursuit of gnosis... a knowledge that does not come from mere book learning, but from an inspirational flash of insight. Book learning and study is the preparation... the homework, if you will. Gnosis is the moment when the hard work of study pays off... the spark of epiphany that takes one to a deeper level of understanding. This light-bulb moment is the lifting of the veil, the increase of light that the ancient mystics spoke of.

The Tek-Gnostics or experiential path is self-verifying in the sense that it unfolds within as it unfolds without. This is the fundamental tekgnostic relationship: self and matrix… observer and observed… spirit and universe. The genesis of infinite universe, or that which cannot be named, is perfect. The fabric of our universe or Matrix as it is referred to in the ancient Tek-Gnostics codex, is necessarily perfect. This qualifier exemplifies the essential Gnostic principle that although universe was created out of perfection, the dualistic, materialistic universe we live in is not perfect.

More importantly, the "powers that be" that are instrumental in shaping our world are not perfect. This is an essential theme in Gnostic thought. The gods must be crazy. We will explore this concept in greater detail elsewhere. For now, suffice it to say that the intention of Tek-Gnostics is to provide a system of understanding in which self-verification of perceived reality is a fundamental component. Individual and universe form the partnership that co-experience human existence. This partnership is communicated through synchronistic means, relying on certain mythic commonalities.

This universal partnership is experienced in multiple spheres, multiple magnitudes of scale. In the parlance of the Hermetic tradition: “as above, so below.” The mythology here indicating that the structure of universe, as a macrocosm, is similar to the structure of the human body, as a microcosm... the workings of the solar system are likened to the workings of the molecule... wheels within wheels.

In keeping with the fifth tenet of the Tek-Gnostics Eight-Fold Path... "Nothing is so sacred that it cannot be made fun of" ...we intend to proceed with a sense of adventure, absurdity and irreverence. We acknowledge the essential nature of universe as a grand cosmic joke... that universe has a wicked sense of humor. And why should it not be so? We ought to enjoy our journey of discovery. Find below the gateway to the Tek-Gnostics mysteries. May our additional collection of Tantras and Yogas serve you well, dear intrepid traveler... 

Collected Works

Conspiracy Central
Occult links into the nature of conspiracy and how it impacts us and our Brave No World...
Culture Wars
The world we live in today appears to be much more socially chaotic and politically contentious than it did only yesterday...
Terence McKenna-Land
Appropriated excerpts from: E=mc=Th xrl Hrdms...
Raven Lodge
All around our small planet, Native & indigenous traditions have been a rich source of spiritual inspiration...
Don Juan
The teachings of Carlos Castaneda's Don Juan Matus...
Dr Carl Gustav Jung
Collective Unconscious & Synchronicity...
Book of the Dead
Brief history & excerpts from Jehovah's favorite choir...
Joseph Campbell & the Dead
From ritual to rapture, from Dionysus to the Grateful Dead...
Seven Sermons to the Dead
A mysterious, little known or understood work of C. G. Jung’s...

Secret Societies

Azhar Book
Bene Gesserit Annotated Bibliographic codex pertaining to the great secrets of the most ancient faiths of old Earth... 
The Illuminati
Conspiracy du jour. Did you really think we WEREN'T watching?
Erisian Movement
Legion of Dynamic Discord... All hail Eris, Goddess of Chaos!!!
Bene Gesserit
Secret teachings from the Sisterhood...


Eye in the Pyramid
Esoteric symbolism of  the enigmatic emblem...
The Dark Side
Enter this foul portal if you dare...

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The Department of Mysteries “Outer Teachings” unfold in a variety of forms. Below you will find many paths leading to many teachings. A certain amount of initial study is expected of the aspiring Tek-Gnostic Shaman prior to undertaking the advanced coursework. Below you will find options leading to a multitude of teachings within the Tek-Gnostic system. Choose wisely, for it is in the choosing that the unique path unfolds...

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